Version 3.34, Oktober 2018

Neuerungen & Verbesserungen:

  • NEW: Actioncode ImageGallery with support for cropping images
  • NEW: Actioncodes now display their name in editor
  • Improved: Certain selectboxes in backend are now searchable
  • Improved: HTML blocks can be translated
  • Improved: Better handling of the site address entering process by removing the CMS suggestion
  • Improved: Allow vertical resizing of the group assign multiselect boxes
  • Improved: greater test coverage
  • Improved: minor GUI improvements
  • Improved: adjustments for PHP 7.2 support
  • Improved: Nonces added to plugin management area


  • Fix: Character set in VCF
  • Fix: Links in RSS-Feeds fixed
  • Fix: In a certain condition regarding permissions updating a navigation node was not possible
  • Fix: Selecting the captcha condition option now works in every condition in the contact form object
  • Fix: Undo removing of a file requirement occurred in 3.33 (memory caching context)
  • Fix: Verifying users might fail in some situations
  • Fix: Removing an object finally works now immediately


  • Deprecation warning: Google seems to shut down Google+, we consider to remove the 'Google+ Autoren- und Herausgeberprofil' in the settings in one of the next releases