Version 3.13, März 2015

Neuerungen & Verbesserungen:

  • Backend content search allows for combined keywords when placed in double quotes, e.g. "Linie 11" (previously you could only search for "Linie" OR "11")
  • Backend content search allows to query for content with selected generic category (the selectbox appears only if generic categories are defined at all)
  • theme-editing: re-enable preview modes
  • NEW: Google Maps Actioncode added that allows to integrate a map with a marker and a caption. Geo data comes by referencing any live article that has lat/long.
  • NEW: verify file uploads with PHP file class to not allow upload of PHP files as binary objects and only allow images in image upload context
  • optimize captcha code for reducing load in fake requests
  • NEW: url preview added from content list
  • some updates for the documentation
  • non admin users can access block management only on navigation nodes, that they have edit rights for
  • add HTTP expiry headers for images. This enhances page load speed on mobile devices and image-heavy pages
  • altername and backend permission is additionally displayed in Benutzerverwaltung


  • fix: slug validation in backend entry dialog for single slugs
  • fix a XSS condition in guestbook context
  • fix Cache-Control header sending in .htaccess
  • sort content types by german label
  • backend: initialize state of content object search form when user created a new object
  • more permission checks in block management context
  • optimize canonical url checker
  • fix jumping back from object entry to same frontend location
  • fix redirect to frontend from blocks
  • optimize auto-slug
  • fix detection of automatical session end
  • minor fixes concerning PHP warnings
  • theme editing: fix inclusion of before/after images for search block, allow setting images for font size buttons