Version 3.17, Mai 2015

Neuerungen & Verbesserungen:

  • NEW: iCalendar export included (Beta)
  • NEW: use of captchas in contactforms can now be configured per form
  • NEW: allow blocking of form post requests based on time constraints, usefull in SPAM or DDOS situations and/or where CAPTCHAs are no option.
  • NEW: teaser images get additional aspect ratio information in templates, if it's an exact fit (like "16:9", "4:3" or "1")
  • NEW: dynamically created search engine META data are displayed and can be overwritten on a per page basis
  • NEW: search users by group, one-click-feature on group to select quickly
  • NEW: events can be cancelled. Information is available in templated and visually highlighted.
  • NEW: allow a page do display only two columns by putting the first column in place of the right column
  • NEW: slug management in backend offers now a neat search form for slugs
  • do not display mandatory field information in contact form templates if there are no mandatory fields at all
  • minor improvement when migrating dynamic teasers (migrations from V2 to V3) and for detection of main slug


  • fix: event registration possibility on event detail pages
  • fix: some failing redirect situations
  • fix: jump back to frontend when edit was started in frontend
  • fix: superfluous "lang" parameter in non-slug-context
  • fix: "," = undefined error in slug editing (backend)
  • fix: indentation in navigationorder
  • fix: some webkit based browsers had problems with offcanvas-navigation of the quickstart-example-theme
  • fix: display calendar teasear images
  • fix: optimize .htaccess/Apache caching statement


  • allow auto-completion in "log me in" dialog
  • implementation of the request not to reset the content form search arguments (backend) after editing an object
  • re-implemented remove of temporary lock on users that got blocked due to wrong password login attempts
  • make "…mehr" anchorlink in teasers per default "rel=nofollow" to remove focus off of "…mehr" keyword and reduce nmbr of links
  • required twitter:site field available if you go for twitter:card metatags.
  • update some actioncodes with style or class text fields
  • do not show duplicate-content-action when user is not allowed to do so (follows content-edit rule)
  • do not display list of installed plugins for users that are not in those plugin groups
  • migration script tries to unlink uninstall.sql of version 2 SEO plugin
  • display blocks (Schlaglichter) in backend list of blocks even if assigned content is offline